The Great Charter of Arm

By Sanders Dumas Lambert

NOTE: Since publishing this page I have been told by a heraldry specialist that there may be some inaccurate impressions given in Sanders piece and other peoples web articles. For example 'Family Name" coat of arms are often talked about but there is no such thing as they belong to individuals and are inherited in accordance with strict rules and laws. The Lambert Charters also often mentioned are now accepted as most likely fake i.e. not created for Thomas Lambert and probably made later in the mid 17th century. So please consider these things when reading about this thorny subject.

A charter of Arms known as "The Great Charter of Arms" is now located in the Northumberland County Archives.

It was granted to Thomas Lambert of Pinchbeck co. Lincolnshire, England 23 July 1603 by Richard Saint George esq., Norry King of Arms.

The charter was painted by John Withy, the herald-painter temp. Charles I. The main shields are genealogical with the shields of maternal ancestors.

The marshalling of arms on this shield for Thomas Lambert was so different from the usual manner that there is little wonder that authorities said this Charter of Arms was a forgery. Others are laid out very geometrically up and down, side to side, but John Withy did not follow any accepted pattern in this shield or in the arms for Thomas Lambert’s wife (The Dymock family genealogical shield).

The genealogical shield, as it appeared on the 'Great Charter', was used by Parliamentary General John Lambert as his personal seal

There are also other shields said to have been used by members of the Lambert families, that are painted on "The Great Charter".

Ancient Arms of Lambarte

This coate born by Lambarte of Skipton, when he married the daughter and heir of his elder house, to avoid confusion.

This coate sometimes borne by Lambarte of Oldton.

This coate of arms borne by Lambart of Calton in Craven.

Borne by Lambarte of Kent son to John Lambert Sheriff of London the 20th year of King Edward VI and 1551.

Sir Nicholas Lambert Knt. Lord Mayor of London 28 Henry VIII while father Edmond was of Maiden Bradley. They are now of Hampshire.

Lambarte of Ireland.

Lambarte of London, Merchant - Three burgoyna dogs.

5th son of John Lambarte of Calton Hall, Yorkshire.

Lambarte of London, Merchant.

A shield of Lambert right was published in the 14th century and titled "Ancient Arms of Lambert".

However, the name of an individual bearing this shield was not given.