First a warning

These pages were constructed by myself with contributions from many others and it exists to assist other Lamberts, who are researching their branch of the family's history. As is the case with everything on the internet the accuracy of that information is always questionable! Much has come from sources that cannot always be validated and is no doubt submitted with the best intention of the submitter. Some items once believed to be true have subsequently be pronounced fakes (like the Lambert Charters) and some item thought to be fakes are perhaps not! Therefore please accept that little here should be considered 'a fact' Most of it is probably fairly correct but unverified. Please take it for what it is and use it for a bases of your own research.

The Lambert family (and its derivatives like Lamberte, Lambart, Lamport and Lamberton), continually appear throughout history. Usually the more successful are Merchants, Engineers, Land Owners, Doctors, or sometimes brilliant Soldiers (like Major General John) and 'Do-gooders' (like the man Zorro was based on). They are always well respected and typically men of great honour. In fact - the most common thing about many of the famous ones, is how incredibly popular they were with those who fought, worked, or served with them. Fighting in all the major European battles since 1066, usually on the winning side. although the English ones did not do so well when we took on the yanks (because they had their own Lamberts). We also have on occasions, been great humanitarians, notably in Ireland.  

Arguably our most 'questionable' achievement, was in helping to bring Cromwell to power and weakening the English Monarchy. However against that, a lot of useful inventions were helped along by Lamberts, and many a patient has had cause to be grateful to a Doctor, or Surgeon called Lambert . Amongst much of modern everyday life - from the first USA Motor Cars, to horse racing's Oaks Cup (named after Lambert Oaks near Banstead), a Lambert has had a hand in it.

In short the Lamberts are one of the oldest and more significant families of Greater Europe and now of course the 'Americas' and 'down under'. If you are one, try looking down the Family Shields (in the research section) without feeling something! This colourful but painstaking, collection of different Lambert family line's shields, was put together by Sanders Dumas Lambert

I have compiled a database of the Lamberts I have details on, they are mostly Irish and English with a little French. You may wish to search it yourself and so I have loaded a copy on to the website. Important:- please read the warning notice on the first page of the dbase, if you are going to use it

A brief history of my own part of the line

These pages were constructed by me Andy Lambert, primarily to assist other Lamberts, who are researching their branch of the family's history. I am lucky in being able to trace my branch of the family's history, back to around the year 900. Of course there are many large gaps which I am still filling in. My father was born at Barking in the 'East End' of London where Granddad had settled after coming across from Ireland. Granddad arrived with little money, but worked until he had enough to bring his seven sisters to England.

Below is a family picture Showing Gran and Granddad (on the two outsides) during a beach holiday with their good friends Ann and Sam Welch better know to the world as Vera Lynn's Mum and Dad, yes my dad a solder in the second world war, grew up with Vera as a friend (that is what you call having contacts!).

Vera Lynn's Mum and Dad

Granddad's great granddad had owned Castle Lambert - Athenry Galway. Owning much land and many magnificent homes, the family had prospered since it had arrived in Ireland from Yorkshire some five generations before. The Yorkshire home had been the village of Calton near Skipton. It was here that the most famous Lambert - Major General John Lambert (of Calton House) was born, He was at times:- One of a handful to escapee from the Tower of London. The man who introduced the Guernsey Lily to the island of Guernsey. One of Oliver Cromwell's best Major Generals, and for a short while, the second most powerful man in England.

Before these, it seems my ancestors had crossed to England with William The Conquer, fighting at the battle of Hastings. Prior to this, they had been land owners in Normandy having originally arrived there as Viking Raiders around 940 AD. The last Lambert I can get back to is Lambert the 1st Count of Mons. It is rumoured that the Lambert line can be traced all the way to Mark Anthony via Boadicea, Old King Cole and a whole load of Kings of Europe... but that might take some proving!

Of course all this is about the Lambert Male Line who have a habit of marrying well. On the female side for example: My 22nd Granddad was King Edward the 1st, Plantagenet King of England. which of course means my 23rd Granddad is King Philippe (of France so lets not talk about that!).

Thanks:: My thanks to all those who have helped me to compile this data and especially the following:- Doris and Christopher Lambert, Geoff Lambert, Olive Lambert, Roger Hill (who started me off), Dan Jordan, Finbarr O'Regan, Paddy Waldron, Peter Woods, Sanders Dumas Lambert, Alan Lambert, Ian Mitchell Lambert, Lesley Elphick, Windsor Ancestry Research and anyone else who I may inadvertently missed.