Warning !
This page was constructed primarily as a starting point to assist other Lamberts, who are researching their branch of the family's history.  The accuracy of the information contained in here, is of course always questionable, as much has come from sources that cannot always be validated. Therefore please accept it for what it is and use it for a bases of your own research.
I am a happy for hear from you if you find something useful or can add something to the Lambert, Dunn, Peacock, Sampson, Warwick and Weston lines which (when time allows) I am researching. 
HOWEVER Please consider this: I get at least one email a week saying I have found the name 'Smith' (or similar) in your database I had a Great Uncle who 'I think' was called Smith is it the same one?

If you still don't get the point please consider this:-

  1. A man has five sons in the year 900. They also have five sons, who have five sons, who in turn have five son. By now we have reached the year 1010. - How many lines are their to research do you think? The answer is an incredible 625 families, in just 110 years and that's on the male side alone!
  2. Now do you want to work out how many hundred of thousand Lamberts there are by today, a thousand years later?

I am afraid it is up to you to research your own information. What sites like this offer, is a chance to submit information you have, that may save others from searching for it.