The Lamberts of Athenry Book 

book.jpg (15405 bytes)The Lamberts of Athenry is a book on the Lambert Families of Castle Lambert and Castle Ellen, Co. Galway. A study of the townlands associated with them and their Edward Carson / Oscar Wilde Connection.

It was published to commemorate the first Lambert Symposium which was held in Athenry during June 1999. It was produced by pupils of The Carnaun School under the supervision of editor Finbarr O'Regan.

Containing some forty chapters, comprising over 250 pages. The book is of great interest to anyone trying to understand the complex history of Ireland. For members of the Lambert family, it is an invaluable source of information. No home should be without at least one copy.  


I am sorry to say the Book is now out of print and is only available second hand if you hunt for it (5-1 2008) this website does get offered them from time to time and so if you want to go on the waiting list, email me and I will let you know when and if one comes up

Events surrounding the Lambert Symposium 19-20 June 1999 Supper and
'Cultural Evening' held at Castle Ellen - by kind invitation of Michael Ó Cionnaith

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The slightly enhanced view from Castle Ellen toward the rear gates  

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Like myself and many many others that weekend, my brother
Geoff Lambert,  took the chance to pay his respects to his ancestors
entombed in what once was the grounds of Castle Lambert and Moor Park

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